lee-ann-clement-largeLee Ann Clement


Clerk’s Office

The Mayor with confirmation from the Board of Aldermen appoints the Clerk. Mrs. Clement’s office has a dual role as Clerk of the Board of Aldermen and Clerk of the Municipality (Town of Lake Providence).

Clerk of the Board of Aldermen Responsibilities

  • Developing docket for, recording and keeping the transcripts of all proceedings of the Board
  • Keep a book entitled “Ordinances of Town of Lake Providence” in which the original of every adopted ordinance is filed immediately after its passage with a note containing date of enactment and reference to book and page of Board’s meeting minutes containing the adoption.
  • Publish each ordinance adopted by the Board in the official journal of the municipality.

Clerk of the Town of Lake Providence Responsiblities

  • Keep charge of all papers and documents of the Town that include executive and administrative orders of the Mayor.
  • Attest to leases and deeds of the Town property, grants, agreements, bonds, tax notes, and other forms of obligation of the Town.
  • Record and keep transcripts of all proceedings of the Municipal Court and attests to all.
  • Serve as auditor to enter and preserve accounts of each fund and account of each municipal officer.
  • Collect, account for, and pay over all taxes levied by the municipality and all other duties as required by the law of collectors of state and parish taxes.
  • Custodian of municipal seal.